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Meet Clovie!

Clovie was our very first goldendoodle and was a very special girl! She came into our lives and changed it forever! She came to us with only 3 legs due to an injury that happened when she was 4.5 months old.  That is not what made her so special though! Clovie made you see everything so differently. She never let anything get her down and she overcame any obsticles life threw her way. When you look into her eyes you saw nothing but pure, unconditional love! Although she never had babies she was what started our true love and addiction to the breed! Sadly we lost her in 2021 just shy of 15 year old.. She is truly missed and will never be forgotten! Her Legacy lives on through us and the puppies we produce!


 At our home we have Amie, Michael, our 3 kids Braelynn, Tegan, and Piper, along with our doodles Zeke and Ella! We all play a part in the development of our babies! It is a family effort to provide all the love and care we do! All of our dogs are family pets and live in our home or have families of their own. They are not breeders they are family! Our kids are hands on from the very first breath until they go home at 8 weeks. They help deliver and have even delivered on their own! As you watch our Facebook page you get to see our real life live feed and all of the behind the scenes you don’t see anywhere else! We even birth them live! Follow along and you will soon find yourself becoming part of the Clovie’s Creation family!




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